Thursday, June 18, 2009

Does NOT Count

I am not updating my "haven't bought yarn" counter.

Even though KP is shipping something to me right now.

The shipment includes 3 things

  • --3 balls of serrano shine sport--this doesn't count because I didn't buy enough yarn for a baby blanket I'm working on. OBVIOUSLY I need the yarn, and it was my own fault that it wasn't in the orig order
  • --2 balls of blackberry WOTA--this doesn't count because it's for my mom's mittens. And I bought it previously, but the thrumming wasn't going right and all the thrumming was all over the outside and so I couldn't frog it because it will be yucky.
  • --1 set of size 3 needles--this doesn't count because i am suspicious that one of my 3s from an orig set was actually a large 2. Since I can't prove it, I must replace and accept that I will now have 9 size 3 needles, and 6 large 2s

None of this counts. I checked the rule book. HA.

1 comment:

sweetgeorgia said...

Adding new needles to the collection never counts as stashing... it's investing in your tools :)