Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sweet Georgia Ninjas

So my cat is a diabetic...he needs insulin 2x a day. Which means I never get to leave my house for a weekend again. Because said cat is evil and most of my friends are scared of him (he's super nuzzly) to me. So BL, the goddess that she is, offered to do it. I love that woman.


I go off and buy her yarn because that is the perfect "thank you for sticking sharp needles into my cat" gift.

I went to Sweet Georgia Yarns (because BL had sent me the link, and if e-mails could be covered in drool, this one would be dripping). I got her a couple skeins of sock and a couple skeins of lace.

Luckily enough, the package came while I was away and I got to be on the phone while BL squeeed. Unfort though, the sock was worsted weight. Right color...wrong yarn.

I am a firm believer that the test of a person or a company is not whether or not they make mistakes, but how they handle them when they do. Thus Sweet Georgia being a NINJA.

I e-mailed "hey...uh, how can we fix this"

Got an e-mail the next morning. Sweet Georgia had already sent new yarn, and told me to keep the other skeins. Which is way more than she had to do.

So yeah, go buy her yarn (the two of you that read this).

Oh and the yarn is really amazingly gorgeous and beautiful.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two FOs

Meet my two new FOs.

So on ravelry they are doing wrestlemania 2009. Basically it's a drive to finish every project on your needles (or in my case...those things I've been meaning to do).

I finished my icequeen...that thing around my neck...and Gwen's dress (isn't it soooo pretty). Both I'm really pleased with. It seems I'm getting a hang of this knitting thingy...