Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So this has been a long week.

I haven't been home before 7 or 8 each night

I have also not knitted or crocheted in 4 days.

I feel...ooogly. just oogly. i need to sit quietly, with a book on tape making pretty things. I really desperately do. I even have yarn coming

the dandelion from a previous post

and two skeins of pallette in eggplant. I'm going to make arm warmers from them. I've never done this, but I figure it's socks...with a thumb. How hard can it be.

i'm just zonked and tired, and I think i would be less tired if I could have some yarn and some quiet.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 6-day clapotis

About two weeks ago...I started my clapotis. I made it in fingering weight yarn...imagination from knit picks--evil stepmother

Better picture of this yarn is here.

It's an alpaca, wool, nylon blend...and i love alpaca.

So it took me four days to do it. It's so nice. My friend JK wanted to make a clapotis herself...she got the most gorgeous yarn, wool, silk, linen blend...I just tried for like 10 minutes to find the yarn. But it's gorgeous. Of course, having her working on hers, she needed support...say me casting on with the gorgeous malabrigo my friend BL gave me (THANK YOU B)

I also bought some of this ---

I'm making andrew a hat. Actually a very awesome hat. The Koolhaas hat...

And yes it is actually a boy pattern...

In other news, I'm about 1/2 way through a baby blanket i'm working on, and about 1/4 though another. I'm desperately trying to finish things so I can work on some lace...that would be lovely.

Now off to plan menus for the week.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yes...walk away from this yarn...


go ahead. It's 450 yards of alpacky goodness.

I couldn't walk away...well I did walk away at $20...but I fell for it at $15.


so now I need to think...pattern.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh the joy of finishing

I finished something.

I know. you're's okay...I'll wait.

Okay, screen wiped off?

Actually I've finished 2 things. I made gwen socks. I love gwen...and as long as you don't sleep with them, i love socks.

Socks and sleeping...just wrong. Just the idea of something on my feet while I'm asleep gives me the jibbleys. Like right now, I'm a-jibblin'.

Anyway, so I finished that. And a sweater for a baby. I was really delayed on this, which is why I've told friends that are preggers that I'll make them a 12 mos sweater. Because then I MIGHT have time/impetus to finish it. This assuming that they call me with pattern/yarn choices at the moment of conception... (insert kinda creepy visual here). If I'll get any further behind, I'll be going "you're knocked up...great, let me know what your child would like if he goes to a cold university...and what university...i'll make him a scarf."

So what does yours truly have going that I've got those two done.

a baby sweater with embroidery...woooon (not cast on)
sweater for the monkey (not cast on)
sweater for cute toddler (on the knitpick line...)

blanket for mom-in-law (uh...kinda christmas...more like fourth of july)
blanket for friend (oh the joys of making i subbed in DK yarn and then changed needle sizes. 5 down, 47 more to go...then the sewing...oh i hate the sewing)
blanket for friend -- hate the pattern, need a complete do over

Things I cast on because the yarn made me and told me I had to:
socks for me out of malabrigo
socks for me out of lorna laces

I need six more hands and some new audio books.