Friday, March 27, 2009

Lots of Rest Time...very little knitting

On Monday, I started coughing

On Tuesday, I was coughing...a lot...

By Tuesday night, I was REALLY REALLY coughing. I go to doc in box...or really cvs minute clinic. I will pay $10 extra dollars to not have to figure out my schedule around my reg doc...although I really like him. I wanted drugs right then.

Bacterial Bronchitis.

So Wed...I sleep in and go to work. Come home and sleep.

Thurs...I go in. do three things and go home. Pass out in bed with white fuzzy cat over my head. Pass out completely.

Friday...i'm home, andrew's out and I should be getting this little girl to bed. week spent mostly in bed...but very little knitting to show for it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Projects galore

So the past two weeks have been mental-exhaustion. So I was crawling to my knitting group the way a thirsty man crawls to an oasis. I took Gwen as Andrew was helping someone move, and it took a lot longer than he expected, like 7 hours longer.

Anyway. Gwen and peaceful me-time knitting group does not mix. I got very little work done on the koolhaas hat I was doing for boy. He wanted bright and not subtle, so he chose the amish colorway by lorna laces. It is bright. It flashes. omigod it flashes. I'll have to post some pictures.

So I take it with me to canada. all 5 wooden needles

Odd side note....does bamboo count as wood enough so that if you stabbed a vampire with a bamboo needle, would it kill him?


I take to canada

I finish in Canada. WOOOOOO HOOOOOO

I then decide i need some simple calm knitting to just zone out a sock. Yes. So I got Plymouth Happy Feet in red. i love this yarn. it's soft and cheap. (well if you don't mind $12 socks that you have to make yourself). So i cast on switcheroo sock which is in the back of my book on handpainted sock yarns. Cast on the big size because I have big feet. Get a ways down...uh...too big


Cast on Switcheroo in medium size because my feet aren't THAT big

Ugh...yarn does not go with pattern. Looks just weird. (see the one in the pic looks cool...mine...not so much)


Cast on blackrose sock large I have big feet. Get aways down uh...tooo big


Cast on blackrose socks in med size as my feet arent' THAT big. Looking good, but my feet are narrow and the sock is mostly stockinette, so although it's fine on my leg...going to be super loose on my feet. So i'm changing to smaller needles a la the instructions of Bethany... So if they suck...HER FAULT...

not mine.

on a complete random side cat is just lovely...he's sleeping and he just woke up with this cute look of "shouldn't you be knitting and listening to that biography of Aaron Burr you've been enjoying?"

Why yes Jasper...I should. Bye.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

One mitt down

One mitt down. Showed them to my sister. She might just be being nice, but she said she wanted a pair. Sent her the palette colors and we'll see.

She also mentioned that she needed an afghan. And she would buy yarn'd buy yarn.

Yarn...did you say yarn.

Wait free yarn...and a project. By golly gimmenee you had me at "ya..."

Anyway. I sent her a bunch of photos tonight to look at. I'm thinking knitting, as my sis is quite elegant, and I think knitting makes a more elegant blanket look. But she wanted texture as well. I'm thinking girasole

Overambition, thy name is jen.

That said, I bought marianne kinzels first/second book of lace knitting. Really I wanted a pattern out of the second book. But to have the 2nd and not the 1st...seemed wrong.

I wanted it for this... It's a scroll down. But i want to make it in worsted weight and into an mighty would that be. MROOWWWW...