Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My buddy BL

When you go a long time feeling like you're the only knitter in the world...and certainly the only one who isn't 80...and by far the only one you know...you get kinda used to the comments.

"oh, i could never do that"
"omigosh where do you find the time..."
"I tried, but i lost interest"

Sure i had the occasional knitting group, and the random "oh that's pretty" but nothing really clicked. I had no knitting soulmate.

Enter BL.

We don't knit the same, we don't do the same projects, and we don't like the same things all the time. But we can wax poetic on yarn, we can run over to get new needles...we can sit and knit (or not) in starbux (and outside it) for hours and hours.

It's just nice to have someone to share new projects with, to discuss needles with...to have knitting fun with. Someone who doesn't look at me when I bring my project bag everywhere I go and think I'm super weird. I really haven't had that before. And it's really nice.

Oh, and she makes fun of people too...sigh, her needles are stuck right through my heart. :)

Knitting angst

So I went to my hoa meeting tonight faboo knitting bag in hand


not one
not a single solitary one.

And honestly my HOA is getting so freakin' annoying that I might just puke. It's exasperating to say the least. To say the most, it's horrible and not fun and awful.

So bad enough, I have to be there. Even worse, I get nothing done...on my knitting.

These are a few of my favorite sticks

A good hook or needle can totally change whether you want to finish the project or throw it away. I just finished an afghan and then a stole. I used my nice wooded crochet needle from turn of the century...oh how i love.
I only have a few of these, but they are lovely and not horribly priced (about 14 for a hook)

I'm not a needle snob. Not even a little. That said. I hate plastic. Omigod I hate plastic. Plastic hooks and needles are just gross. To the point, that I am in the process of throwing all of mine away in anger. They stick to the yarn and my hands cramp. Plus my fingers stick to them. It's icky and gross. Lion brand only makes plastic. And they suck. SUCK SUCK SUCK

My lovely wooden one is cocobolo I think. It's light and easy to hold and it's just so pretty. Makes me feel all artistic and crud.


So I was inspired...my friend BL has a knitting blog...and I really covet...so I thought I'd start one.

I have a blog on my space that is so underused it's pathetic, but there it is. I used to be more inspired maybe. But knitting and crocheting has become massively important to me, and I've refound my passion for it. Helps that a good friend knits with me.

so why virkasticka

Virka--swedish for crocheting
Sticka--swedish for knitting

Thus virkasticka! I'm actually kinda proud of this.

On my sticks
Baby sweater for bonny...former coworker...but either I finish it or I throw away the yarn. Sockotta bought from Patternworks--love that store, hate their catalog. Why they have to make their own code for weights is beyond me...like I'm supposed to remember the color-codes you arbitrarily assigned. WHANKERS

Baby sweater for KB...it's sherwood from knitty done in nightfall cotlin from Knit picks

Scarf for JM's dad...It's in a loose garter stitch on size 13 needles...but I'm thinking of frogging and redoing in seed.

On my hook

Nothing...yeah, I'm as shocked as you.

Waiting for finishing

Baby blanket for Ron/Kim
Baby sweater for michelle

I need to get off my ass.