Friday, January 16, 2009

Bayfield apple dreaming...on such a winter's day

So BL pointed out that she usually asks what I'm going to do with said yarn before she encourages said yarn. This is very very true.

I had to validate shimmer in ivy. of course i did it by finding a lace pattern and sending it to her with "oh, i'll do this"

I don't even know what I said I'd do.

I didn't get that far with bayfield apple. I have NO idea what i'm going to do with it. It's a sock yarn--so the obvious answer is socks.

and i just did buy a nickel sock set...

oh, i don't know...

I should listen to BL more.

Thank you BL

My friend BL rocks.

She does.


You know, so few addicts have a really helpful pusher. Someone that goes..."oh, yeah, you totally need that fact, I'm placing an order you want me to add it to the cart."

I love that I can send her links and go "do I need this?"

and BL replies. "oh, gosh, yes..."

See if I did that with A, I would get back..."you have a lot of yarn"

Little rule: Commenting on the size of a woman's stash is the equiv of coming up and saying "my gosh your butt is HUGE"...we know it's big, we don't need your help in estimating size. GEESH.

BL just says "oh, you so need that fact I'm surprised you don't have it, let's order it right now" and then she does. So my 10.75 needle is on it's way (along with shimmer in ivy) and so is Bayfield Apple. GLEEEEEE.

Just think where Keith Richards would be if he had this sort of relationship with his pusher?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm in love

Oh, I'm in love...with another yarn...

My life was fine...yes it was...until it blew my mind.

I think that's Ray Parker Jr. ...but I get him and Lando Calrissian kinda confused in my head...

Anyway...I'm in love with a yarn.

Meet the colorway "Bayfield Apple" by Yarn love. Oh, because I had to explain to Andrew...a colorway is what knerds call a multicolored's not a color like "red" or "blue" it's a colorway like....*drool* Bayfield Apple.

hold on a minute.

need to collect myself.


okay I'm back. Yarn love makes a yarn called Elizabeth Bennett...thus uniting my love of yarn with my love of Pride & Prejudice. It's like finding out your hot boyfriend really loves it when you eat chocolate frosting from the plastic's a keeper.

It's bamboo... I love bamboo. I'm kinda bummed it's ecologically friendly as it completely makes my love guilt free. I like my love guilty--and with chocolate frosting.

I need this yarn.


Need it like the air. Like the water. Like the blood rushing through my veins giving life to the neuro wires that scream this yarn's name in the night, pleading for it as the completion of my wounded soul.

or...i just really really really want it.


Hello. My name is Jen...and I'm a yarnaholic.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jen--worst blogger EVER

Yes, it's true.

I haven't blogged in two weeks.

I also haven't:
  • mailed out all my x-mas cards (yes I know it's 2009)
  • finished all my x-mas gifts
  • written any thank you notes
  • gotten rid of this massive sinus infection

That last was put there in hopes of absolution.

I realized a couple days ago that a knitting project I was doing out of watermelon shine from knitpicks...was prolly going to take a bit more yarn..Which if you clicked through, you see it's...CLEARANCE. This is knitpicks "nice" way of saying "no one else likes this color except you, so we are tossing it unless you buy it RIGHT NOW" So of course I needed to ordered a few more skeins...yes I know the dyelot will be off, better that than an unfinished sweater.

But knitpicks does free shipping if you order 50 bucks. So of course I have to order 50 bucks, but I ordered stuff just 10 days ago (no seriously I did. It was a gift card...doesn't count as stash) (one of the thank you notes I haven't written). So I polled friends "hey ya need anything" because obviously spending a few bucks for shipping rather than buying more yarn, needles, and what not is anathema in the eyes of God. It is. Really.

So that got me like $10 bucks of stuff (turns out BL just doesn't need anything that doesn't start with mal--and end with --abrigo). Lucky...NW figured out what sex she was having...woo hoo. and so I ordered yarn for her child. Here's the pattern...revel in it's I can break out my embroidery books! Yeah that got me up to like $30.

So I ordered the entire nickel sock set. It was shiny. It blinded me. I swear. And I figure I need to learn to do socks. Right? Look, I'm rationalizing here, you could at least play along. Let me say I love knit pick needles. They are slick and pointy. In some alternate universe, I am romping with them on a luscious field of strawberries with a river of chocolate just got weird didn't it. Dang.

Up to 50. Placed order. Woo hoo.

NOT 24-HOURS LATER...I realize that they added a size to the options needle set. Yes that set that just last night A goes "so you have a complete set, huh?" and I gleefully went "yes...yes I do."


Seems those pesky europeans need a 7mm. WHANKERS. See. there's Euro sizes and US sizes, because US people can't be bothered to learn the metric system. So you're going along, size US 8 is 5 mm, US9 is 5.5mm, US 10 is 6mm, but wait...US 11 is 8mm. That there is a jump. So they made US10 1/2 which is 6.5mm. You can get most of the sizes in most stores.

But Knit Picks is international, so they added US10 3/4 which is 7mm.

Which means...I no longer have a complete set. This bothers me immensely.

(As a side note: Latern Moon-lovely needles that they are-is offering US 10 7/8 which is 7.5mm because US people still can't be bothered to learn, embrace, and declare dang superior the idea of measuring your needles by diameter and not assigning arbitrary and meaningless numbers to them that have to retrofitted to accomodate the full range of sizes...not that I have an opinon)

This brings us back to the problem that I DO NOT HAVE A COMPLETE SET OF NEEDLES. There is a 7mm needle tips out there...and I want it.

So it's $6.99.

Anyone out there need $43.01 amount of yarn from knitpicks. I can place the order for you.